Are You A Champion? Be A Catalyst For Change!

Do you have a heart for service and a burning desire to be the catalyst for change in young women? Do you have a story that would resonate with young women struggling to find their place in the world? I invite you to participate in this life-changing “Mentoring” program Memories In A Mansion by sharing your words of wisdom with other change-makers in our CHAMPIONS compilation book.

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  • From the Reader’s Perspective – “What I so loved about this book was that I got bits and pieces from the different authors that spoke out to me – is was like they knew me and had been in my shoes and FINALLY – – there was a way for me to shift – – I have hope again. For years I knew there was more for me to have in my life, but I just didn’t know how to go out and get it (create it). Each author has added pieces to my puzzle and for the past 2 weeks since reading the book, my creativity is soaring! My mood is brighter and happier, even my family has commented on this shift. While I am at the beginning of my journey. I will continue to reference the stories in this book for continued inspiration and guidance. Thank you again for showing me how to be the CHAMPION of my own life!
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Join other CHAMPIONS as we Create Memories and Legacy for Young Women at Risk!

Become A Champion - Be A Catalyst for Change!